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Conscious Capital Growth Attends Family Office and Private Wealth Management Forum

Panelists sitting at a table and speaker at lectern at conference.
Among the many informative and enlightening event programs, this panel of Bay Area athletes highlighted the influence and impact of real estate, venture funds on family office investing. They also touched on the intersection of Sports/Tech and Entertainment investment strategies.

Conscious Capital Growth executives attended the Family Office & Private Wealth Management Forum West in Napa Valley, CA recently. The team made meaningful connections and learned new strategies for appealing to the needs of affluent, accredited investors.

This annual event attracts the top single family and multi-family offices, financial advisors and high-net worth individuals looking for strategies, and innovations in alternative investments.

In addition to exhibiting and having time to meet and talk with dozens of potential investors, the team had the opportunity to listen to informative panel discussions and speakers in this space. The event is known for attracting participants from the fastest growing population of newly structured family offices in the world, Northern California. Largely dominated by first and second-generation families from the Silicon Valley the event covered investment strategies including Private Equity, Venture Capital, and Technology.

Three executives standing at their trade show booth.
Conscious Capital Growth managing partners, Christo Demetriades and Heather Elrod along with Marco Born, Conscious Capital Growth vice president of Investor Relations pose for an exhibit hall cameo at the Family Office & Private Wealth Management Forum West 2023.

"The Napa Valley venue attracted investment managers and families offices all looking to discuss and enhance the foundations for building their wealth. We believe our portfolio of franchise businesses and our operator-led growth accelerator model can offer significant diversification for many," said Heather Elrod, Conscious Capital Growth managing partner.

Marco Born, vice president of Investor Relations said, "It was three days well spent. We made meaningful connections with dozens of family offices and their advisors. It was a great opportunity to share our investment strategies with the investment community. We look forward to more events like this in the months to come."

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