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Investor Relations

Conscious Capital Growth offers accredited investors opportunities with our portfolio brands. The list is ever-growing in industries including Wellness, Beauty, Pet, Services, Food & Beverage, Education, Recruiting/Executive Placement, and Consumer Package Goods & Retail.

The intention of the information on this page is not an offer to sell or invest. The intent is for information purposes only. 

Experience Delivers Brand Growth Acceleration

Conscious Capital Growth has attracted a highly experienced team of advisors to accelerate companies' growth. Through our hands-on approach, portfolio companies reap the benefits of decades of experience, allowing them to leapfrog the competition and achieve their full potential. 

Diligent and Highly Selective 

The brands that make it into our exclusive portfolio do so based on their growth potential, cultural fit, product and service offerings, and many other proprietary factors. The due diligence process is extensive. If you are considering this alternative investment option, please get in touch with us, and we'll welcome a discussion.

A Franchising and Business Growth Alternative for Individual and Institutional Investors, Family Offices and Private Equity Firms

The alternative investment space is filled with options. How do you choose the companies you want to work with. It comes down to the people, your belief in their investment philosophy and ultimately the opportunities themselves.

Learn why Conscious Capital Growth might be an ideal partner for you, your institutional portfolio, and your clients. Contact us for a personal meeting with Investor Relations or sit down with our team.

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Current Investments

Conscious Capital Growth continues to build its portfolio of franchise brands. Here are the portfolio brands that are benefitting from the experienced team under our roof.

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