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Investment Criteria

Let's create positive change and shareholder value

Information for business owners and investors

What does it take to qualify as a Conscious Capital Growth portfolio company? It starts with  our dedication to filling capital gaps in the market, promoting economic advancement of small, diverse businesses, encouraging growth and job creation, and providing equity capital in the lower-middle market franchising space.


If you are a franchisor, or a company wanting to franchise, and this sounds like you, we'd like to talk with you. You may be a perfect candidate for accelerated growth.

The investments we are seeking...


  • Offer control equity positions in US lower middle-market franchisors, franchisees, and multi-unit independents with franchising potential. 

  • Are established companies with proven brands ready for accelerated growth 

  • Are franchisors with fewer than 100 units and under $4M of EBITDA.

  • Are franchisees/multi-unit independents with 3-15 units and $3-9M of EBITDA

We will focus on Health and Wellness, Specialty Food and Beverage, Youth Focused Concepts, Beauty, Staffing and Executive Placement and Pet.

The process is simple. The effort daily, hourly.

  • Deal Sourcing & Origination - New opportunities that we find or find us cross our desk daily. 

  • Initial Screening - The brands that meet the criteria undergo initial review.

  • Due Diligence - If they pass the initial screening, we undergo an extensive due diligence review.

  • Portfolio Monitoring and Risk Management - Once acquired, our job is to manage for accelerated growth and rapid value creation. 

  • Liquidity and Realization - When the time is right we execute a capital event. 

Current portfolio brands that met our investment criteria

Conscious Capital Growth continues to build its portfolio of franchise brands. Here are the portfolio brands that fit our model and are now benefitting from the experienced team under our roof.

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Conscious Capital Growth Logo

Let's Consciously honor culture, enhance accountability to grow bottom line results and brand asset value.

What we won't do​


Conscious Capital Growth isn’t like other firms that package up investment opportunities and award them to the highest bidder. 


If we’re talking to you, it’s because you’ve been selected based on fit. Our process of accelerated growth and outpaced performance means walking in lockstep and being a hands-on team right from the start.

What we will do

We take a team approach and build a culture of accountability focused on these best practices. 

  • Realistic strategic planning.

  • Establishing a results culture.

  • Continual testing and learning.

  • Monitoring and adjusting. 

Explore the opportunities and let's create power, strength and value together.

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