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Titus Center for Franchising Advisory Board Names Elrod and Wanamaker as Members

Titus center for franchising, students being instructed

Heather Elrod and Lauren Wanamaker have been named to the Titus Center for Franchising Advisory Board. The Titus Center for Franchising at Palm Beach Atlantic University in West Palm Beach, Florida, added eight companies and 17 members to its Advisory Board, now comprising 72 companies and 93 franchise executives. The article in Franchise Times emphasizes that franchising is surging, and many people, including students, are interested in business ownership. This board and its members guide students and mentor them.

“Franchising is experiencing a surge of interest not only from prospective franchisees and franchisors but from people who have been part of the franchise community for many years,” commented Dr. John P. Hayes, CFE, the university’s Chair for Franchise Leadership. “Starting with the popularity of our Selling Franchises Summit in January, we have received a record number of individuals asking to join our Advisory Board, for which we are extremely grateful.” Board members guide the Titus Center’s academic programs and mentor students. Board dues help support the center’s operating budget.

More than 100 students have registered for a franchise course since the Titus Center opened in the Fall of 2017. More than 50 students have earned a Concentration in Franchising. Nearly 70 students are currently studying franchising at PBA. Six graduates have become franchisees, and a dozen are employees of franchise companies. read more


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