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Sabrina Demetriades Opens Patrice & Associates Recruiting Business at 23 Years Old

Scottsdale resident Sabrina Demetriades graduated summa cum laude last May from ASU’s Barret Honors College with a degree in hand and a job offer on the table. She had dual degrees in finance and management with a minor in real estate.

Sabrina Demetriades photo
Sabrina Demetriades passed up a job offer straight out of college to become a franchise owner of a Patrice & Associates recruiting business.

It was the real estate firm she had interned at over the summer that wanted her to sign on right away. But instead, she chose to open her own recruiting business.

She knows it’s a luxury to have a job lined up straight out of college, but she passed on the offer. So, instead of accepting the job, she got a loan from the Small Business Administration and started her own company. She had heard of the Patrice & Associates recruiting agency through her father, whose company purchased a majority stake in the nationwide company. She immediately thought about the possibility of opening her own Patrice & Associates franchise recruiting business.

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