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Patrice & Associates Pioneering Executive Search Post-Pandemic

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Becoming a partner with client companies is key to success in executive search according to Brian Miller, CEO of Patrice & Associates

Over the past 30 years, Patrice & Associates has been honing its methods and processes to stand out from the competition by focusing on sourcing the best, top-level candidates and connecting them with the right opportunities. 

For employers, the firm develops a strategy unique to each client, targeting companies with specific industries and geographic areas when necessary, conducting targeted cold calling to similar companies or concepts to find top-level talent, and conducting a vigorous, behavior-based interview and reference-checking process. Now, they are pioneering executive search finding new ways to secure top-level executive talent.

"We bring something unique to the marketplace because we are focused on offering a staffing partnership with clients," said Miller. “We aren’t just sending resumes; we are actually recruiting and taking a thorough analysis of their company. Not only the skills they need to have but also what fits. We are in essence, marketing these companies to high-level talent, which means we are able to reach more people than companies are going to on their own.” read more


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