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Heather Elrod Delivers Franchise Wisdom and Business Drivers for 2024 in "Stars of Franchising" Podcast

Heather Elrod and Conscious Capital Growth Logo
Listen to Heather Elrod, Managing Partner of Conscious Capital Growth, as she delivers honest talk on the "Stars of Franchising" Podcast.

"As a franchisee, you have to work ON the business as well as IN the business.”

Heather's career spans 30 years in the franchise, beauty, and wellness industries. She’s held executive positions in multi-billion dollar as well as emerging companies — most notably and recently, Amazing Lash Studios, which she shepherded from 70 locations to more than 200 in just 2 years. Today, as Managing Partner at Conscious Capital Group, she guides the firm’s investments in emerging franchisors AND leverages her experience to seek out and support growth brands. It's honest and open franchise wisdom and business drivers for 2024 that you won't get anywhere else.

Join Ab and Vini as they tap into Heather’s decades of insights: Why you should study franchising at large (not just your brand!). The “franchisee death spiral” and how to avoid it. The value of giving location managers tangible “skin in the game.” The perils of overscaling. The 3 things she’d do differently. And the 3 future trends she’s tracking and preparing for. Listen Now


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