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Forbes Article Covers Main Squeeze Juice Co.

Published in Forbes, December 2022 -

It’s often the smaller restaurant chain on the block that has to be faster, quicker and more strategic than its well-entrenched rivals. Faced with intense competition from several larger juice rivals, Main Squeeze Juice Co. is nonetheless on the upswing.

It has expanded to 28 locations in five states by the end of 2022 and is on target to add 10 more in 2023. “We’ve always grown strategically; it was important for us to have a rock-solid foundation before going after national growth,” explains Thomas Nieto, CEO of Main Squeeze Juice Company, based in New Orleans, La.

As with many chains, franchising is the key to its growth. Of its 28 stores, 26 are franchised and two are company-owned. And its 10 new ones will all be franchised.

(Read the full article by contributing writer, Gary Stern)


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