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Dedicated Mother Ditches Corporate America to Become a Patrice & Associates Franchisee

Corina Mack is a seasoned recruiter who has worked in corporate jobs for the better part of her professional career. Despite becoming an expert in her industry, in 2015, Mack realized the path she was on wasn’t as fulfilling as she had once envisioned for herself. As such, she began to explore new business opportunities. Through her search, she was introduced to Patrice & Associates, a recruiting franchise that helps thousands of managerial- and executive-level candidates every year find rewarding jobs in the hospitality industry and beyond. Mack was enamored with the prospect of being her own boss and operating her own recruiting franchise, an industry she was all too familiar with. In 2015, she decided to become a Patrice & Associates franchisee, where she serves the Greater Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota area. 


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