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Conscious Capital Growth Announces Business Accelerator Partnership with CHOP5 Salad Kitchen

Conscious Capital Growth has partnered with CHOP5 Salad Kitchen, an emerging franchise concept, to provide access to its business growth platform, which includes accelerated franchise development systems, enhanced site selection expertise, and access to their ecosystem of business resources making them one of the first franchise companies to enter Conscious Capital Growth’s Accelerator program.


CHOP5 Salad Kitchen, based in Columbus, OH, shows great potential for growth because of its product mix and service model. The brand is also at the forefront of the healthy and delicious meal option trend. According to The Wall Street Journal, “Years of warnings by health officials and grim news on the bathroom scale appear to finally be having an impact on the nation's eating habits.” The article implied that more Americans are consuming fewer calories and cutting back on fast food, cholesterol, and fat.


Accelerator is a Conscious Capital Growth program with extensive qualification criteria. Additionally, companies enrolled in this program are held to high standards of execution and measurable monthly, quarterly, and annual business results. Companies accepted into this highly selective program gain the coaching, tools, and wisdom they need to move faster than they could on their own.


The program was designed for early-stage companies that need specific expertise to catapult them into the rapid growth stage. Heather Elrod, managing partner at Conscious Capital Growth, said, “Our Accelerator program helps emerging franchise companies achieve their full potential by fueling their franchise development and providing our ecosystem of mature franchise support and business intelligence resources. The combination enables healthy growth at an early stage of business. CHOP5 is ideal for this program.”


CHOP5 Salad Kitchen was started seven years ago by a group of multi-concept, multi-unit franchisees who decided it was time to launch a brand of their own. Owning hundreds of pizza, burger, and Mexican restaurants and knowing that the trend was toward healthier choices, the group decided to create a chopped salad concept.


“A leafy salad is just a salad, but our chef-created chopped salads deliver every ingredient in every bite for a true flavor sensation. You can eat them with a spoon, and there’s simply no comparison,” said Brian Mills, CHOP5 co-founder and partner. “Because my partners and I are franchisees ourselves, we wanted to create a franchisee-friendly brand and start development only once the system was proven. We’re at that point now and are ready to award multi-unit territories to business and restaurant professionals looking for a blue ocean opportunity to diversify and catapult their companies’ growth.”


“We believe CHOP5 is a brand with a bright future capitalizing on health and wellness trends. And unlike business brokers looking for a buy-sell transaction, our interest is to help CHOP5 get to the next phase and eventually provide capital to take them even further. This brand is ready to accelerate,” said Christo Demetriades, Conscious Capital Growth’s managing partner.


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