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Christo Demetriades Manifests Power of Entrepreneurial Perseverance - Inspirational Story

Christo Demetriades photo
Christo says if you've been successful once you can do it again.

InBusiness magazine featured Conscious Capital Growth's Christo Demetriades in an inspirational story about how this South African immigrant tilled fertile soil in Scottsdale. It's a story that will remind you that no matter the obstacles, keep going.

Here's an excerpt....

Some people are born entrepreneurs. And if there ever was one who fits that description, it is Christo Demetriades. He has spent most of his life and certainly his career in business for himself. It’s been a life of risks and rewards, highs and lows, challenge and achievement. As Demetriades says, that’s par for the course. But Demetriades’s entrepreneurial life is anything but par. (read the full story)


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