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Team working together

We’re going for a triple win.

For business owners, for customers and investors, too.

How many times has this story played out? We’ve all been there. Business owner puts everything into building a great business that customers love. It grows and reaches a point where growth takes more than that business owner can give. Enter private equity. And poof! Just like that, the very thing that made the brand loved by many becomes completely void of the very essence that made it great… its culture. 

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How It Works

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Let's Consciously maintain and nurture culture to grow bottom line results and brand asset value.

You might be surprised

Conscious Capital Growth isn’t like other firms that package up investment opportunities and award them to the highest bidder. 


That’s right. If we’re talking to you, it’s because you’ve been selected based on fit. For us, our founders and our CEOs. Our process of accelerated growth and outpaced performance means walking in lockstep right from the start.

Explore the opportunities and let's create power, strength and value together.

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